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On June 15, 2018, Edwards Brothers Malloy, the largest independent book publisher in North America, closed its doors. Hilco Global acquired the company’s printing assets in a multi-million dollar deal through a joint venture with The Branford Group and North East Printing Machinery.

Sale #3 of 5, 2 Day Sale of Edwards Brothers Malloy - Lillington Assets - Online bidding opens September 10th. Day 1 closes Sept. 11th.  Day 2 closes Sept. 12th.  
Lillington, North Carolina Printing Operation
(3) Timson Offset Web Presses, Man Roland & Heidelberg Sheetfed Presses, Kolbus Perfect Binding Line, Digital Printing Operation, Horizon Perfect Binders, MBO Folders, Muller Martini Binding Lines, Plant Support and More
Sale #4 of 5, Edwards Brothers Malloy - Ann Arbor Assets - Webcast Auction on September 25th.  Brochure will be posted shortly.  Please check back.
Ann Arbor, Michigan Printing Operation
(3) Timson Zero Make Ready (ZMR) Offset Web Presses, Heidelberg Sheetfed Presses, Muller Diamant Casing In Line, Muller Corona Binding Lines, GP Autocase, Plant Support and More
Sale #5 of 5, Edwards Brothers Malloy - Ann Arbor Assets - Webcast Auction on September 26th.  Brochure will be posted shortly.  Please check back.
Ann Arbor, Michigan Printing Operation
(3) Timson Zero Make Ready (ZMR) Offset Web Presses, Heidelberg Sheetfed Presses, Muller Diamant Casing In Line, Muller Corona Binding Lines, GP Autocase, Plant Support and More

Auction Type: Online Only
Auction Location: Lillingtion, NC
Date: 10 September, 2018 - 10:00 AM
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Sale #3 Featuring:

  • 2007 Kolbus perfect binder / casing ‐ in line, consisting of: (21) ZU841.A gatherer, reject station, Meccantecnica book block feeder, VA422 end sheet gluer, KM473 perfect binder with 32 clamps, liner/guazing station, Co‐Pilot automation controls, Kolbus HD153P heavy Duty Pegasus trimmer, Rima RS3313 counter stacker, in line conveyor to ; HB530 IR spine prep dryer, and into Kolbus BF527 casing in line ; FE604 book forming unit, liner, head band units, building in , BU651 auto jacketing, DS391 stacker, SAS 708T‐L‐90 carton erector and SIAT XL33/4‐5 case sealer. Note; This is one of the most highly spec'd soft / hard cover binders offered on the used market. See auctioneers web site for a video of this machine in operation.
  • 1997 Timson T32 1/c web offset book printing press, s/n 19615, for 9" books, 38" cylinder circumfrence, 40" web width, Butler 4050‐12 splicer, Megtec Legacy gas oven, Timson folder, Stobb 1500L stacker
  • 1991 Timson T32 1/c web offset book printing press, s/n 19014, for 9" books, 40" max. web width by 38 1/2" circumfrence , Butler L40DD splicer, TEC gas dryer and chill stand,Timson folder, Baldwin Stobb stacker
  • 1982 Timson T32 1/c web offset book printing press, s/n 18204, for 11" books, 40" max. web width by 45 1/2" circumfrence. Butler SE38F splicer, TEC gas oven and chill stand, Timson folder, Stobb PX stacker
  • Oce VP6250 digital printers, s/n 600101074
  • SALE PENDING:  MAN Roland 901W 1/1 offset perfectors , 56", CCI remote ink consoles, s/n's 29802B ( 2002),307008 ( 2004), 31554B ( 2003)
  • 2000 Heidelberg SM74‐5‐P2+L 5/c 20 x 29 Speedmaster offset press perfector plus coater, s/n 624766
  • 2001 Heidelberg SM74‐2 2/c 20 x 29 Speedmaster offset press, s/n 626146 1974 Heidelberg SORMZ 2/c 20 x 29 offest press, s/n n/a, with UV curing. 1993 Aster 2000 Meccatec book sewer, s/n 100016
  • (2) Stahl VBF DM300/2 casemakers, 9 stations with 3 part board feeder, s/n 1720 & 2164
  • Joy Casematic joint former, s/n 65‐611
  • 2010 GP2 SC‐2 Autocase casemaker, s/n 00361 ODM 20 single wing casing in machine, s/n 513
  • 1994 Kolbus KL 400 end sheet tipper, s/n 613
  • (2) Horizon BQ 470 perfect bindesr, 4 clamp automated
  • (2) Horizon BQ270 single clamp perfect binders
  • Horizon bookletmaker woth HOF 20 feeder, SPF200A stitch‐fold, FC200A trimmer Horizon HT70 paper trimmer, s/n 056001
  • 1992 Wohlenberg 44FS50 three knife trimmer, s/n 3415‐010 Muller Zenith S md. 1541 three knife trimmer, s/n 961036
  • 2006 Muller Presto 6 pocket saddlestitcher, 1528 cover feeder, 1550 stitcher s/n NN27690, md. 1522 three knife trimmer
  • 1998 Shanklin F 1 auto shrink wrap line, side sealer, Shanklin T7XL tunnel, s/n F98137 shrink wrap / fufillment line ; (2) Streamfeeder ST1250 product feeders, Videojet BX6600 ink jet addressing, Conflex Advantage shrink wrap, Shanklin T7xl tunnel
  • Paper cutters: Polar, Horizon, Challenge, Prism
  • MBO folders 20”, 26”, 40”, 44”
  • Misc: Baum paper drills, Challenge SCM round cornerer, Kolbus cloth cutters, etc.
  • Laminators, foil stamper, material handling equipment
  • And Much More!!


Sales #4 & 5 Featuring:

  • 2010 Timson T48A ZMR web 2/c offset book printing press for 8 1/2 x 11 books s/n 20803; consisting of: 53" max web width, 46" circumfrence, Megtec 1500 splicer w/5000lb. Hoist, WPC web guides, (2) Timson T48A Zero Make Ready print units, (2) Prime UV drying lamps, Timson slitter, diverter and M7/4 folder, Civiemme ST320/100 high speed delivery stacker with Dynaric strapper. Elettra Fastwash auto blanket wash, Amerikal recirculating pump, Monigraf MDS II remote ink console, ELO Prime 2100 UV Smart touchscreen controls. (T11) Note: Servo driven zero make ready model
  • 2006 Timson T48A ZMR 2/c web offset press for 8 1/2 x 11" books, s/n 20508, 53" max. web width by 46" circumfrence, consisting of ; Megtec 1500 splicer w/ 5000lb. gantry, (2) T48 Zero Make Ready print units w/ Elettra Fast wash auto blanket wash, MegTec Coanda Plus gas drying 15' L oven, Timson slitter, diverter and folder, Quadtech conveyors, Quadtech V3804 vertical stacker, signode strapper, Quadtech 5001 palletizer, Graficontrol remote register, Monigraf MDS II remote ink console (T8)
  • 2001/2005 Timson T48A ZMR 2/c web offset press for 7 1/2 x 9 1/4 " books, s/n 20001, 47" max web width by 39" circumfrence, Martin splicer s/n ECP1547‐6345, Graficontrol remote register, WPC web guide, T48A print unit ( new 2001) and second color ZeroMake Ready unit added in 2005, Megtec Legacy 12' gas oven, Jardis chill rolls, Timson slit, divert and folder, QTC / SMC 3000 stacker bundler w/ Signode strapper, QTI 5001 palletizer,Elletra auto blanket wash, 2004 Monigraf II remote ink console.(T7)
  • 1986 Timson T32 1/c web offset press for 8 1/2 x 11" books, s/n 18514, 40" max web width by 45 1/2" circumfrence. Consisting of ; Martin splicer w/ 3000 lb. hoist, TEC gas oven, Innolutions web guide, T32 print unit, Timson slit / divert/ folder, Stobb PX stacker.
  • 1995 Timson T32 1/c web offset press for 7 3/8 x 9 1/4" books, s/n 19401, 47" max web guide, T32 print unit, TEC Coanada Plus gas oven, Jardis chill stands, Timson slitter/diverter/folder, Baldwin Stobb 1500L stacker, 2000 Monigraf MDS Ink II remote ink console.(T6)
  • 1993 Timson C48 2/c web Offset press for 6" x 9 1/8" books, s/n 19217, 47" max web width by 38 1/2" circumfrence. Consisting of; Butler 5050‐12 splicer w/ 4000 lb. hoist, WPC web guide, 2 Timson C48 print units, MegTec Coanda Plus gas oven, Timson slit/divert/folder, STI stacker w/ Strapack strapper, 2006 Monigraf MDS Ink II remote color console,TouchStar remote damp control, (T10)
  • 2003 Muller Corona CC12‐22 perfect binding line, s/n MMFE765398, 18 pckt. 3695 gatherer, Corona Compact C12 ‐ 22 clamp binder section, (2) EVA glue pre melters, 4 level Electrographic cooling tower, Zenith S trimmer, Muller 1534 UNO stacker, 3614 reject station, (8) Stobb hopper loaders, counter reads total book count; 21,640,295.
  • 2001 Muller Corona C13‐48 perfect binding line , s/n MMFE 526‐372, (23) md. 3681 gathering pockets, 14 Muller 1574 hopper loader feeders,3614 reject ,3642 book block feeder, dual cover feed ( pile and stream), liner station,Nordson BM200 PUR bulk melter, 2 x 3648 NT end sheet tipper, C13 ‐ 48 clamp binder, CF550 card inserter, (2) EVA glue pre melters, Electrographic 8 level cooling tower, 3621 diverter, CB16 counter stacker, Solema book destacker, 2010 Muller3675 Orbit high speed three knife trimmer, 2nd Muller CB16 counter stacker, Muller 3521 de‐stacker, 50' of Shuttleworth accumaltor / Buffering conveyor, 2003 WST Doctor palletizing unit, counter reads 11,030,202 total books.
  • Muller Normbinder 4SC perfect binding line, s/n 94.00617, (21) md. 3691 gathering pockets, (8) Baldwin Stobb 225SF streamfeeders, md. 3001/4.5‐SC 33 clamp binder, (2) Valco EVA melters, Transnorm conveyor system, 1999 Muller Zenith S trimmer w/1534 stacker. Liner station
  • 1996 Muller 335 saddlestitcher, s/n 91.04451, with (6) 1532 gathering pockets, 1529 cover feeder, md. 360 three knife trimmer, Apollo 1540 counter stacker. 12,435 hrs.
  • 2011 Muller Diamant MC casing in line, s/n 1767497, with RHE 322 rounder backer, two glue and head band stations, wing casing in line, EP‐640L Building in station, Vesta A700 jacketer, A500‐ BSDL counter stacker, Solema SCAT case packer, Solema SIAT case sealer. Solema book block feeder. Auto Book measuring station.
  • Nipper / Smasher system consisting of; , 1994 Kolbus FM406 smasher # 385, 1994 Kolbus RB462 gluer, 1994 Kolbus FN400 nipper, s/n 391
  • Muller 201 ‐ 33 pocket gatherer, 2003 Solema transfer conveyor, Solema NETTUNO RDM 430 book block stacker.
  • (3) Aster Meccatronic book sewers, Aster 2000 s/n 80044‐90044, (2) Astronic's, s/n 20872‐14472 and 20669‐14269
  • SALE PENDING:  2004 Heidelberg SM102‐4P3 Speedmaster 28" x 40" 4/c offset perfector, s/n 545834, CP2000 console w/ axis control, sapc plate change, approx. 277 mm imps., AirStar XL, Scroll Star Plus, DryStar 2000, Ternes plate bender
  • 2007 Heidelberg SM74‐6‐P+L Speedmaster 6/c 20" x 29" offset perfector, CP2000 color console w/ Axis color control, 110 mm impressions. SAPC, Technotrans Alpha 160, DryStar 2000, s/n 627889, 2/4 perfector, Ternes plate bender
  • 2008 Heidelberg SM52‐4+L 4/c 20" Speedmaster offset press w/ Anicolor, tower coater, 111mm impressions. s/n 208255. Technotrans Combistar Alpha CZ, CP2000
  • 1999 Heidelberg SM74‐5‐P2 20 x 29" 5/c offset perfector, s/n 623952, CPC1‐04 console Xrite scanning densitometer, Pierry IR, sapc, Ternes plate bender, 219 mm impressions.
  • 2000 Polar 115ED 45" paper cutting system, s/n 7031708, consisting of; Polar TR130‐ER‐5 unloader, Polar RA‐4 paper jogger w/ scale and Polar 115ED 45" paper cutter
  • 2008 GBC 8500 Cyclone 40" wide film laminator, s/n 8500HS‐25 w/ Mabeg pile feeder, sheet cutter and Gremser stacker. S/n 9300986.
  • 1994 Steinemann Colibri 72 UV coater, s/n 30484, Mabeg pile feeder, Mirus stacker, vacuum register board, Technotrans IR, 3 Lamp UV
  • SALE PENDING:  2001 MBO B32S Perfection series 32" W paper folder w/ Cont. fed, 4/4/4, s/n T10/75, noise hoods, MC batch counter
  • MBO B26C 26" cont. fed folder , s/n J11/92, 4/4/4, MCC2 batch counter
  • MBO T102 40" wide folder w/ pallet feeder, s/n G2771, 4/4/4/2, MCC1 batch counter
  • MBO folding accessories ; SBAP46‐ME, SBAP82, SBA72 crusher stackers, P56 crusher station, SAP46L crusher / stacker
  • Plus: More Polar & Challenge paper cutters, drills, 3K trimmers, Foil stampers, Shrink wraps, Round cornerers & Much More!!