Sinle Project

Complete Liquidation Sale of Hard Cover Bindery

From one of the premier hardcover trade binderies in the USA – due to division sale, surplus assets to the ongoing needs of Acme Bookbinding in Charlestown, Ma. Many high spec and hard to find machines will be available Kolbus perfect binder, Stahl Casing – In and casemaker, Sigloch nipper / smasher / gluer, Horauf casemaker, Aster and Smyth book sewers, Polar cutters, Bourg perfect binder, large quantity of Kolbus and Kensol stampers, Stahl folders, Shanklin shrink wraps , Imperia 40” die cut / stamper, and much much more ! Sale begins immediately, contact NEPM to arrange inspection of many of the items still in production.

See Equipment Catalog below in Highlights.


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Aster 2000


EZ Cut


Kolbus KM472A


Kolbus stamper




Stahl 1430


Stahl VBF casing




Auction Type: Liquidation
Auction Location: Boston Area
Date: 31 December, 2018 - 2:20 PM
Lot Description
1 Sigloch Nipper Gluer Line Including 2000 Sigloch NHG-60/2 Smasher, s/n 13-045, 1996 VAM Tip End Papers, s/n 24-038, SB6000-1E-S, (2) Gluer & Taper Sections, s/n 05-083-1996, Radio Frequency Co. 2500 RF Generator, s/n 3455, 15 KVA, Rau-Forderanlagen Curved Transport System Sections, Sigloch TF Signature Transport Conveyor System w/Cooling Fans, s/n 04/1-99/1996, Approx. 100', 2002 Sigloch Smasher NH-1, s/n 08-02-118, Sigloch BUAS-L Lay Flat, s/n 19-078, 2002 Kolbus DK670 Bump Turn, s/n 37, 2002 Sigloch VS Stacker, s/n 12-018
2 1996 Aster 2000 Book Sewer, s/n 80223-90223
3 1997 Astronic 180 Book Sewer, s/n 130154140154
4 2002 Smyth Freccia 150 Book Sewer, s/n 150L0282.4D.02, Spiral Feeder
5 Stahl VBF BL500 Casing Line Consisting of Stahl VBF Building In Station, Stahl EH251 Casing In Line, s/n 2687-2845-1996, Stahl GK211 Head Band Station, s/n 2687-2844-1996, Stahl RA241 Rounder Backer, s/n 2687-2843, Stahl SR235 Conveyor Section, s/n 2687-2842, Control Console & Book Measurer
6 1997 Mueller Martini Merit Type 3671 3-Knife Trimmer, s/n 94.02067
7 Mekatronics/Bendror Head Band-It Model HB1, s/n 080105, Dual Head Simatic OP3 Controller
8 1995 Shanklin F-1 Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapper, sn F9561, SPS Side Seal Unit, Scrap Rewinder, Shanklin T7-XL Shrink Tunnel, Buma RS-50 Delivery Stacker, s/n 07037-1982
9 1997 Stahl VBF DM300/2/S Case Maker, s/n 300-0004
10 1971 Kolbus PE Foil Stamper, s/n 162
11 1986 Kolbus PE-70 Foil Stamper, s/n 310, Conveyor Feed, Becker Vacuum Pump
12 2001 Horauf BDM-Universal Case Maker, s/n 0/68743
13 Stahl VBF EKS-400 HD Round Cornerer, s/n 400-0009, 1997
14 Heidelberg Stahl Folder B1430A-4 Continuous Feed 30" Folder, s/n 1610B0007, 8 & 16 Page Right Angle Attachments, 4/4/4, Pre-Scoring Option
15 Stahl SBP46.2 Delivery Pressing Stacker, s/n 40594
16 2002 Kolbus KM472A Perfect Binding Line Consisting of (28) ZU804 Gathering Pockets, s/n 912, Opti Graf Signature ID Readers, Rietschle Air Cabinet, Kolbus ZA800 Book Block Stacker, s/n 72, Reject Station ??, (2) VA-421 End Sheet Feeders, s/n 49, Kolbus KM427A 27-Clamp Perfect Binding Section, s/n 501, Co-Pilot Automation X3 Controls, Notching Station, (3) Milling Stations, EVA, PVA, Pur Glue Sections, (7) Glue Pots, Nordson BM200-G5K52M1 Pur Glue Tank, s/n LU02C01736, (2) Kolbus LA370 Pre-Melters, Lining/Gauzing Station, Stream Cover Feeder, Double Nipping Stations, Trolley Book Delivery, Kolbus FSL Conveyor System, Ambaflex SV-400-1800-HS Cooling Tower, 2112-01 (Kolbus XAT660, s/n 123), Overhead Conveyor Bridge, Ambaflex SV-400-1800 4-Level Cooling Tower, s/n 2113-01, Kolbus HD151P Automated 3-Knife Trimmer, s/n 578, Co-Pilot Programming, Rima RS-3310S 13" Counter Stacker, s/n 337058-10
16A Solema Fast Book Block Feeder, s/n 6186, A/K/A Kolbus XSL260, s/n 51
17 2009 Nordson Versapak 8106203 Pur Melter, s/n LU09J04128
18 1998 Polar 115E 45" Paper Cutter, s/n 6831244, (2) Side Air Tables
19 N/A
20 1972 Sterling S64 2-Station Tipper, s/n 3616
21 1972 Sterling S64 2-Station Tipper, s/n 3603
22 1982 Shanklin HS1 High Speed Shrink Wrapper, s/n H8203, Teflon Infeed Conveyor, Waste Rewinder, Shanklin T7XL Tunnel, s/n T8248
23 2016 Atlas Copco GA37 Rotary Screw Air Compressor, s/n API571058, 50 HP
24 EZ-Cut Material Dispensing System
25 Imperia Autofed Platen Die Cutter/Foil Stamper s/n 9004/1271, 28 x 40 max. sheet size