Bobst electronic parts for 102 models

3.250 USD
Ref: BOB001

Large Quantity of Bobst 102 electronic parts, including but not limited to;
Lamp holder, item # BSA2346232100, new and in original packaging
Cable, item # BSA2448040514, new in original packaging & includes new Pepper + Fuchs electronic sensor detector
Cable and Detector, item # BSA2448031400, marked as side guide switches (like new)
Photocell, item # BSA07650000AA, new and in original packaging
Extension Cable, item # BSA2448040801, new and in original packaging
Detector, item # BSA244803100, new and in original packaging
(2) used sensors
(2) extension cables, item # BSA2448040511, both new and in original packaging
(2) Inductive Proximity Switches, part #XS7C40MP230H7, new in box
Sick Photocell, item # BSA2326034200, new in box
Box of new electrical parts; (6) Mole 8 pin plugs, counter nuts + cord grips, male pins, pince Lemo GBB, tools for contacts, etc.
Manuals - spare parts books for SP102CER and SP102CE machines
(2) Contactors, item # BSA2332150400 (look new)
(2) Contactors, item # BSA2332150000 (look new)
(2) Contactors, item # BSA233215280 (look new)
(2) CM3 Mechanical Interlock kit (new)
Marostat , item #BSA2319010403
Regular AC/DC 24V, item # 2442406600 new in original packaging
(3) Potentiometers, item # MMGH828557 ( ), new in box
(2) Potentiometers, item # BSA232407000, new
(2) Conduit (pile feed sensor cables), item # BSA07660000RM, new in packaging