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Large format printers

Ref Name Year Colours Price
Roll to Roll
NE00551 Canon Imageprograf iPF8000S w... 350 USD


Ref Name Year Colours Price
NE00674-3S A.B Dick 360 single color dup... 1 On request
NE00673-3S A.B Dick 360 w/ T51 T-Head 1 350 USD
NE00890-1S Itek 3985 2/C press with Komp... On request
NE00910 2007 Komori LSX529C 5/c 23"x2... 5 On request


Ref Name Year Colours Price
Web components
NE00905 Gammerler Rs134/530 4-knife i... On request
Web Press Corp. dual web guid... On request

Postpress / Bindery / Packing

Ref Name Year Colours Price
Nordson 3500 mobile hot melt ... 2.000 USD
NE00686-1S Robatech Concept 4/2 1K42 2-h... 1999 5.250 USD
Binding machine
NE00889-1S Acme Champion Md. GA-2 single... On request
Booklet production
NE00751 Horizon MC-80A/M 16 bin colla... 9.500 USD
NE00670-3S Stahl MWS-D78 perf/score unit 2002 On request
Corner Rounding
NE00898 Challenge DCM doudle head rou... 4.000 USD
4400 Graphic Whizard CMplus-TS aut... On request
4399-1S Graphic Whizard CMplus-TS aut... 900 USD
Die Cutting
NE00867 Bobst SP102CER 28"x40" autopl... 1989 On request
Scott 10000 tab cutting and m... 2007 On request
NE00535 Standard DC 1050 die cutter 40.000 USD
Envelope Production
NE00874-1S Halm Super Jet JP-TWOD-6D 2/c... 1985 9.500 USD
NE00758-3S Moll Md. 155-10327CE envelope... On request
Videojet BX6600 Binary Array ... 2011 On request
NE00787 Seal Image 62 Plus 2 side lam... 1999 4.500 USD
Sun Raise Inc. Super 12 (7) l... 1.500 USD
Folding machines
Baum 20"x26" pile fed folder On request
NE00879 Heidelberg VSA.D-66-MKE FH-DD... On request
NE00650-1S Horizon AFC 744KT automatic 2... 2007 42.500 USD
NE00887 MBO B26 26x40" continuous fed... 6.500 USD
NE00764-1S Moll Sprint-Box pocket foldin... On request
NE00769-3S Moll Dial-A-Feed table w/ Day... On request
4311 Stahl 1426B 26" continuous fe... 4.500 USD
4306 Stahl 1426-C continuous fed f... On request
4307 Stahl 1426B-4 On request
Stahl B30 30" (6) plate conti... 25.000 USD
Stahl SRT.66.D-F-L cross carr... 3.750 USD
Stahl TF66 26" 4.500 USD
Stahl SBE66 delivery stacker ... 1.500 USD
Stahl 1426A-RS delivery conve... 1.250 USD
NE00895 Stahl SBP-66.2 crusher stacker On request
NE00676-1S Horizon TST-37 crusher/stacke... 11.500 USD
NE00679-1S Horizon AFC-746D + RFU-74 con... 4.500 USD
NE00677-1S Horizon TST-37 crusher/stacke... 11.500 USD
NE00777-3S Sterling tipper On request
NE00911 Challenge 42" paper cutter Md... 2.500 USD
NE00786 Challenge Champion 30.5" pape... 2.500 USD
NE00704 Challenge 265 26.5" hydraulic... 1.500 USD
NE00746 Polar 137EMC 54" paper cutter... 1989 12.500 USD
Polar 137 series retractible ... 1.750 USD
NE00833-1S Polar 76EM 30" paper cutter 6.500 USD
NE00877 Polar 1ER110-4 transomat load... 1998 On request
Mail room equipment
Dayton Conveyor small conveyo... 175 USD
4310-2 Pack-Smart MVC140-44 vacuum b... 2005 17.500 USD
NE00689-1S Rena Envelope Imager 1.5 Plus... 1.750 USD
Research Speed-Dri 4561 IR in... 3.500 USD
Packing machines
NE00901 Clamco Md. 120PJA auto take o... 1.500 USD
NE00780 Heidelberg Pacesetter 705-6 s... 2000 19.500 USD
NE00781 Heidlberg Pacesetter 705A sad... 19.000 USD
NE00685-1S Rosback Autostitcher 2-head a... On request
NE00539 Salco Radid 106 E bench model... 50 USD
Wire-O and Spiral Binding
4391 GBC PB 2600 electric closer 100 USD
PERF Performance design HD-8000 ma... 75 USD
4386 Powis Fast Back 20 book binder 950 USD
NE00512 Renz Combo Punch & Closer, ma... 350 USD
Rhino Tuff HD8000 closer 250 USD
NE00688-1S Rhin-O-Tuff CB 3000 coil bind... 1.250 USD
4424 Sickinger MHP 21 2:1 punch 2.000 USD


Ref Name Year Colours Price
Digital Printing
NE00872 Heidelberg Quickmaster DI Pro... 2002 4 7.500 USD
NE00763-1S HP Laser Jet 9000 DN laser pr... 2009 On request
NE00775-1S Oki-Data NS1202 or RX4004A di... 2.000 USD
NE00826 Xerox iGen4 digital printer 2011 On request


Ref Name Year Colours Price
NE00827-1S Agfa Avalon LF thermal comput... 2007 7.500 USD
NE00888-1S Fujifilm Luxel VX-9600 CTP 3.500 USD
Plate Processors
NE00766-1S Agfa Azura C95 plate processor 2010 1.250 USD
Plate puncher/bender
Bacher 2045 center to center ... 1.250 USD
Bacher 2045-1 plate punch for... 1.500 USD
Carlson R/S-M-1-3A 28" 850 USD
Heidelberg QM46 plate punch On request
Stoesser 40" 1.000 USD
Stoesser Plate Punch 1.500 USD
Ternes Plate Punch On request
Ternes plate punch 2.000 USD
Testprint Proofers
NE00668-1S HP Design Jet 1050C wide form... On request


Ref Name Year Colours Price
NE00903 2005 Adwest 4.0 RTO-95 regene... 2005 On request
NE00904 2008 Adwest 6.0 RTO-95 regene... 2008 On request
NE00831 Open wire style Mezzanine On request

Material Handling

Ref Name Year Colours Price
Paper Handling Equipment
Dayton Conveyor 175 USD
Electrographic International ... On request
Electrol 60534 belt conveyor On request
Electrol 60534 belt conveyor On request
NE00701-1S StraPack S-880 plastic strapp... On request
NE00881 Wexler US-2000LD HD banding s... On request
NE00882 Wexler US-2000LD HD bander On request