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BAU01 Baum 400 parallel to 500 - 8,-16pg, power converter box, (new style pin plug) 8,-16pg, power converter box, (new style pin plug) 450 USD
BAU02 Baum 400 parallel to 500 - 8,-16pg, power converter box (old style plug) 8,-16pg, power converter box (old style plug) 450 USD
MBO02 MBO self control power unit (18-pin female/6-pin module) 650 USD
BOB001 Bobst electronic parts for 102 models Large Quantity of Bobst 102 electronic parts, including but not limit... 3.250 USD
BOB002 Bobst 102 model mechanical parts (2) Nylon rollers, item # BSA0455340600, new (7) Deep groove bell be... 1.950 USD
BOS01 Bostitch heads - heads, style-26D heads, style-26D On request
Gergek display boad for paper cutter LCMS040020SF On request
NE00857 4 Hohner 48/5-S universal stitching heads - Sold as package 1.200 USD
HOH003 Hohner/Universal 52/8 stitching heads 10 heads available. Price is per unit 550 USD
HOH006 Hohner/Universal 55/7F On request
NE00896 Hohner M45/6 stitching heads For Muller stitchers ...May need repair 2 available - price is for... 295 USD
((1) 70411 12/18, (2) 70410 7/18, (3) 702160 1-16)
Hohner 70/20 Hohner heads for Harris stitcher On request
Hohner brackets 1522.2200.2 On request
HOH001 Hohner stitching heads Md. 48/5S 700 USD
Kirk Rudy KR527 bump turn kit 2113 On request
Kirk Rudy motor 42d5BEPM 175 USD
Leuze relex head ZA2.203-789-03-009 On request
MISC06 Lot misc. parts for Bowe, Bell & Howell & Pitney Bowes machines On request
NE00958-1S MBO B30 rollers (2) Recovered Rollers w/ bearing (new) s/n MB01.5322.02 On request
MBO04 MBO B30 drive belt On request
MBO05 MBO B26 roller cores: 1 set of 6 pass, 1 set of 6-8 page, 2 slitting shafts 500 USD
MBO13 MBO B-30 rollers On request
MBO14 MBO B-30 recovered rollers (3) newly recovered spiral rollers for MBO B30 On request
MBO15 MBO T49 rollers w/ bearings 40 USD
MBO01 MBO CP65 self control power unit (18-pin female) 650 USD
MBO07 MBO set of 6 MBO - B26 fold rollers On request
MBO12 MBO B30 segmented rollers On request
MBO17 MBO hand wheels On request
MBO18 MBO spiral rollers; (2) 26" wide & (1) 30" wide On request
MBO19 MBO edge trim kit B series 35. mm **Not sure if 100% complete, please check for accuracy On request
MBO20 MBO edge trim kit - knife to knife B123/26/30 **Not sure if 100% complete, please check for accuracy On request
MFX01 Muller Fox section of chain front/back 375 USD
NE00897 Muller stitching heads - Sold as 1 Lot (3) Model 881.8071 (1) 882.8050 (1) unkown model May need repa... 600 USD
Muller 4th/5th knife attachment for Prima/Bravo 360 trimmer 2.000 USD
MMM07 Muller Minuteman 6' chain rail w/ chains, covers & stands 1.500 USD
Muller Minuteman support brackets 1890.8941.2 400 USD
MMM19 Muller small book/card attachment for 1532 style pockets 250 USD
MMM25 Muller Martini 5K trimmer attachment (one maybe be incomplete) On request
MMM26 Muller Martini 3 hole punch On request
Muller Minuteman blade bracket for 5 knife trimmer DSS-2662-A On request
Muller Minuteman stitching mount plate 1509.1261.2 150 USD
MMM03 Muller Minuteman circuit board s/n 104783201 On request
MMM04 Muller Minuteman mounting plate s/n 1509.75261.2 100 USD
MMM05 Muller Minuteman boxes-chain flags red/black 75 USD
MMM06 Muller Minuteman jogger controls 100 USD
MMM21 Muller 8' sections of Muller chain On request
MMM22 Muller Martini chain rail, approx. 50" long w/ stand On request
MMM23 Muller Martini chain covers On request
MMM24 Muller Martini driveshaft covers On request
MISC04 Nordson box of gluer replacement parts On request
NE00990 2006 Optigraf signature identification system 2006 Optigraf system with ; 13 – cameras – Opticam 3.1 G6M45W 9... 2.500 USD
Polar ED monitor screen-assembly has been tested and works well. 043068 2.000 USD
Polar relay (transomat) Pilz7743004193394 On request
(HDM 444252)
Polar V belt - contitech SPB 1778 205217 On request
POL13 Polar extra blades for a Polar 115 cutter On request
POL03 Polar cutting sticks (12 in a box) On request
MISC08 ProFold system controller Md. 910807R On request
PB01 Pumps/Blowers Rietchle Type - SKG2000-2 (Sm. Polar Air Table) 300 USD
ROT01 Roto-Crease folder accessory shaft - 25 3/4" On request
ROT02 Roto-Crease folder accessory shaft - 18 3/4" On request
NE00413 Roto-Crease folder accessory shaft - 25 3/4" On request
ROT04 Roto-Crease folder accessory shaft -25 3/4" On request
MISC01 Slautterback filter kits 20 USD
STL06 Stahl TF78 plates #2,3,4 450 USD
STL07 Stahl TF56 plates #1,2,3,4 300 USD
STL08 Stahl plates #3, 4, 28-1/4" wide 250 USD
STL09 Stahl plate #2, 22-1/2" wide 250 USD
STL10 Stahl TF78 false plate 100 USD
STL11 Stahl TF66 false plate 100 USD
STL12 Stahl false plate, 26-1/4" wide 100 USD
(4/8050/1515/4 ABR)
Stahl main drive board 4/8050/1515/4 ABR 500 USD
STL17 Stahl TFU78 parallel roll bank On request
STL18 Stahl lot - box of Stahl parts; drivebelts, various approx. 10 On request
Stahl roller gears ZD231-661-01-00 150 USD
Stahl delivery table drive board HDM354560 On request
Stahl mainshaft extensions HDM474360 On request
STL31 Stahl TD78 gatefold w/ box 1.750 USD
STL46 power boxes to run Stahl attachments On request
STL02 Stahl TF66 split guide 500 USD
STL14 Stahl B26 electronic gatefold attachment 2.500 USD
STL15 Stahl TFU-78 parallel/roll bank s/n 38217 On request
STL22 Stahl set of Moll glue rollers to fit Stahl fold attachment, includes 35 glue roll segments 350 USD
STL23 Stahl set of 2 B26 high spd. bearing fold rollers - need recovering 100 USD
STL24 Stahl set of 3 TF56 3pc. bearing fold rollers - need recovering 90 USD
STL25 Stahl set of 3 TF66 3 pc. bearing fold rollers - need recovering 150 USD
STL26 Stahl set of 3 TF66 3 pc. bearing fold rollers - need recovering 150 USD
STL27 Stahl set of 3 TF66 3 pc. bearing fold rollers - need recovering 90 USD
STL28 Stahl set of 3 TF56 3 pc. bearing fold rollers - need recovering 150 USD
STL29 Stahl set of 3 B26 high spd bearing fold rollers - need recovering 150 USD
STL34 Stahl coverter box for TD/TF s/n 0205, OA 1.750 USD
STL36 Stahl T66 electronic gatefold 1.750 USD
STL37 Stahl T78 electronic gatefold 2.250 USD
STL39 Stahl coverter box TD to TF Koppel module 1 900 USD
Stahl Panzer wheel assembly (updated) UP1312 100 USD
STL42 Stahl 78 size combo rollers On request
STL43 Stahl 66 size including 6 combo rollers, 2 segmented rollers and RI slitter shafts On request
STL44 Stahl 56 size rollers segmented On request
STL48 Stahl main control panel On request
Stahl remote display (new in package) On request
STL50 Stahl speed control panel On request
STL53 Stahl 23" rollers On request
STL54 Stahl 30" rollers On request
STL55 Stahl 26" slitter shafts On request
Stahl side guide wheel assembly, hanwheel 262-724010 On request
Stahl/Heidelberg/Visolux electronic eye and sensor 419267 On request
(2D.200 794-02-00)
Heidelberg/Stahl stretching roller 2D.200 794-02-00 On request
STL62 Stahl jam detector On request
Heidelberg Stahl flat belt 2D,213-460-07-00 On request
Heidelberg/Stahl tooth/cog belt part HDM469690,28X8X700Li On request
Heidelberg/Stahl toothed belt ZA2-220-691-01-00 On request
Heidelberg/Stahl Vwide V-Belt ZA2-208-450--01-00 On request
STL67 Misc. small Heidelberg/Stahl belts On request
Heidelberg/Stahl flat belt 20x1x147 ZD.246.-632-02-00 On request
STL69 Stahl switch control panel On request
Stahl delivery belt ZAE-2677-310100 On request
STL71 Stahl/Center trim kit K to K 1/4" **Not sure 100% complete, please check for accuracy On request
STL72 Stahl micro perfsystem 35mm 100-502/2032 On request
STL73 Stahl/MBO misc. center trim and edge trim collars On request
NE00604 Sterling B286U from McCain w/ clutch + brake On request
NE00602 Sterling B286U rebuilt 12/16/16 main motor from McCain w/ clutch + brake On request
TRC01 TC-DEL-SM/35-FP, 35mm shaft On request
TRC02 EF-SM/35 FP, 35mm shaft On request


NE01093 Challenge TCM cutter blades 42” cutter blades (sharp) in good usable condition On request
NE01094 18” accordion conveyor 18” accordion conveyor On request
NE01095 24” accordion conveyor 24” accordion conveyor On request


Heidelberg Prosetter 562 control panel screen 375 USD
XRT01 X-Rite Model 341 densitometer, w/ charger, case & manual s/n 014486 On request
XRT02 X-Rite Model 408 densitometer, w/ charger, case & manual 600 USD
XRT03 X-Rite Model 418 densitometer, w/ charger, case & manual 600 USD

Press Parts

ARO rebuilt wet pump 666053-388 On request
NE00985 Baldor Motor M31571 s/n f390, 3 phase motor w/ rotary style pump belt style drive On request
NE00920 Baldwin Balcontrol (2) water tanks from junked 2 color press On request
NE01083 Becker M/N t4.40dsk S/N 1399120 1996 With gast pump On request
NE01084 Becker pump M/N sv5.130/1-28 S/N E1339656 1995 W/ spencer vortex blower S/N... On request
NE01085 Becker M/N AT80 DVV S/N 726792 On request
NE01080 Becker pump M/N dvt 3.140 S/N B1564130 1999 On request
NE01081 Vt3.16 M/N VT 3.16 S/N E.1160265 1991 On request
NE00987 1990 Becker T.3.40 DSK-34 s/n D1125711 On request
Busch displacement 41 3HP motor, 208 volts On request
NE00603 Busch 063-138 4-1 displacement blower from McCain On request
(ME2048D )
Busch vacuum pump s/n N/A 1.500 USD
(ME2048D )
Busch vacuum pump 200S s/n 050039274 1.500 USD
Busch vacuum pump Type ME 2048D s/n 03051378 1.500 USD
BUS01 Busch 60-63 CFM vacuum pump - vacuum pump, Md. RC-0100 s/n D26322 On request
NE00918 Cutler-Hammer DT-3 Primary 480 Delta, sec. 208Y/120 KVA112.5, from Akiyama 6/40 On request
Doctor blades bright steel (1 box of 8) 1X.010X41.5 On request
NE00852 Esam media jet turbine style pump blower s/n F0411072 400 USD
ESS01 ESS electrospray system - ElectroJet 2100, control box for powder spray ElectroJet 2100, control box for powder spray 300 USD
NE00917 Fedoral Pacific 36B KUIA 112.5, high volt 480, (H) low volt 208Y/120 (X) On request
NE00979 Fuji Ring Compressor VFC 602A-7W vacuum pump from McCain On request
NE00919 Gast 3080-D103 rotary vane pressure/vacuum pump 3.H.P./oilless pump 450 USD
NE00849 2 Gast vacuum pumps 4A M/N R4P315A-12 s/n 0599 4B M/N 1023-3140-G279A s/n 0699 500 USD
NE01076 1995 Gast Md. 3080-D103 oilless rotary vane pump M/N 3080-DL 103 S/N 00157833 On request
NE01077 Gast pump M/N 3080-D103 S/N 0011955 1/95 On request
NE00982 Gast 2565 s/n V-40 On request
NE00988 Gast R3105-1 s/n 9908711459 On request
NE01086 S-press main motor M/N LDN-8.5C010D S/N HDM-86.101.682 Motor# 3732007 On request
NE01087 S-press main motor M/N LDN.8.5b S/N 1751586 On request

Gripper bar for CD74 Gripper bars for CD74 Heidelberg presses - like new condition 8 av... 1.750 USD
Feeder board brackets / bars Feeder brackets for Heidelberg Speedmaster feeder - sold as package o... 500 USD

(HDM 98.178.1518/A)
EMB type NTTSPG2,0 transformer EMB 3.7 KVA transformer 50/60 HZ w/ 10 pin Amphenol plug 350 USD
Water bottles for S press New water bottles, hose and hardware for Heidleberg S series offset p... 200 USD

(HDM 1/1/15 2. 71.186.4331)
Heidelberg circuit board part # 1/152 Circuit board for Heidelberg press - condition unknown 250 USD

Heidelberg press circuit board Heidelberg Baummuller circuit board 200 USD
(HDM 91.110.142)
Heidelberg - gtk Heidelberg GTK sensor, part# HDM 91.110.142, 24volt/0.1A 200 USD
(HDM 91.110.1311/B)
Heidelberg Weko HE25 control box for Heidelberg 495 USD
(HDM 00.781.0731)
Heidelberg - visolux electric 100 USD
Heidelberg switch 150 USD
NE01047 (New) Heidelberg GTO impression cylinder jacket New cylinder jackets for GTO-52 2 available 75 USD
(MV.026./\ 42)
Heidelberg SM102 - impression jacket ( New) Perfecting jacket for Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 2 available ... 995 USD
NE01049 SM 102 water trays (New) SM 102 water trays new. Qty. 5 available - price is for each 200 USD
NE01051 Heidelberg CD 74 - ink form white A-korn recovered white form rollers 95 USD
Heidelberg CD 74 Cd 74 idler roller On request
Heidelberg CD 74 - ink form blue CD74 blue ink form On request
Heidelberg CD 74 oscillating Cd74 red oscillation form roller On request
Heidelberg CD 74 Cd74 red ink transfer roller On request
Heidelberg CD 74 - ink form yellow Cd74- yellow oscillating ink form A-korn recovered roller On request
Heidelberg CD 74 violet ink ductor A-korn recovered cd74 violet ink ductor roller On request

(HDM 931101311 C)
Weko HE24 box Weko HE24 sensor box for Heidelberg sheet fed presses 925 USD

(HDM 91.110.1321/A)
2 Weko electronic optical sensors Weko electrical light sensor, Qty. 2 500 USD
Lot of assorted electrical parts for Heidelberg presses Lot of assorted Heidelberg electrical parts ; Limit switches, sensors... 150 USD
Lot of electrical parts for Heidelberg presses (3) press operator plates, new Speed / Impression counter, new circui... 250 USD
Assorted lot of Heidelberg press parts Lot of new Heidelberg limit switch, pin base, tooth belt, overrun clu... 250 USD
Assorted lot of feeder and press parts Feeder sucker for SORSZ, feeder hold down wheels, forwarding roller, ... 200 USD
sm74 press parts New oil filter SM74 On request
NE01069 CD74 delivery rake Continuous delivery rake CD74 On request
NE01070 Heidelberg wash up blade On request
NE01072 Heidelberg MO wash up blade - wash up blade NEW HEIDELBERG MO WASH UP BLADE On request
Heidelberg transformer 1.250 USD
HEI162 Heidelberg S Press offset parts package (2) Limit Switches, item # MV051073 & MV050538 Bearing Bolt, # MV.02... 1.500 USD
HEI163 Heidelberg Cylinder/Letterpress parts package cylinder/letterpress parts; pump, delivery shaf w/ sprockets, contact... 500 USD
HEI133 Heidelberg contact block, SquareD type DA11 75 USD
(HDM 81.186.3855)
Heidelberg ligh ted button HDM 81.186.3855 110 USD
(HDM 00.780.2335)
Heidelberg fuses, bottle type for alcolor, 10A, 500V HDM 00.780.2335 100 USD
HEI136 Heidelberg fuses, box type (2) 80 amp & (6) 160 amp 80 USD
HEI999 Heidelberg misc. parts: lights, buttons, electrical components, switches, connectors, etc. 450 USD
HEI141 Heidelberg profile gaskets for Speedmaster s/n MV.026.231 25 USD
HEI142 Heidelberg profile gaskets for Speedmaster Heidelberg profile gaskets for Speedmaster 50 USD
HEI147 Heidelberg water fountains for On request
Heidelberg GTO infared light bulbs 13713298 100 USD
HEI152 Heidelberg continunous feed bars Heidelberg continunous feed bars On request
HEI153 Heidelberg royce pumps magnetek Md. JFIG067N On request
HEI154 Heidelberg royce pumps magnetek Md. JFIG048N On request
HEI158 Heidelberg royce pump AO smith Md. JFIG0679 On request
HEI06 Heidelberg MO box ink fountain liners - MO25/65 Heidelberg MO box ink fountain liners - MO25/65 On request
HEI08 Heidelberg MO crate misc parts - 6 water fountain trays, misc. gates 6 water fountain trays, misc. gates 600 USD
Heidelberg MO splash protection plate 53.021.131F 750 USD
Heidelberg MO clutch - idler belt idler belt, S.3L2.01K, s/n 606751 500 USD
HEI19 Heidelberg CD 74 - damp form Heidelberg CD 74 - damp form 300 USD
HEI21 Heidelberg CD 74 - wash up trays Heidelberg CD 74 - wash up trays 400 USD
HEI22 Heidelberg CD 74 - box blanket, wash up rolls, SM 74 #1837 DuPont system Heidelberg CD 74 - box blanket, wash up rolls, SM 74 #1837 DuPont sys... 200 USD
HEI27 Heidelberg KSB/A 22-3/8"x18-1/2" - cylinder jackets Heidelberg KSB/A 22-3/8"x18-1/2" - cylinder jackets 100 USD
HEI29 Heidelberg SM102 - water fountain tray Heidelberg SM102 - water fountain tray 100 USD
HEI30 Heidelberg SM102 - wash up blades Heidelberg SM102 - wash up blades On request
HEI32 Heidelberg - oil filters Heidelberg - oil filters On request
HEI34 Heidelberg - S press feeder motor S press feeder motor 900 USD
HEI37 Heidelberg SM74 - box ink fountain liners Heidelberg SM74 - box ink fountain liners On request
HEI38 Heidelberg K-Series Heidelberg K-Series On request
HEI39 Heidelberg QM46 - super blue Heidelberg QM46 - super blue On request
HEI40 Heidelberg QM46 - super blue II Heidelberg QM46 - super blue II On request
HEI41 Heidelberg QM46 - quack (super blue) Heidelberg QM46 - quack (super blue) On request
HEI42 Heidelberg QM46 - blankets , 21-7/8"x13-1/4"x.077" Heidelberg QM46 - blankets , 21-7/8"x13-1/4"x.077" On request
Heidelberg QM46 - wash up blades 5310.52.521 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - water pan roller water pan roller, MV.039.426/01 On request
HEI47 Heidelberg QM46 - plate punch Heidelberg QM46 - plate punch 950 USD
HEI48 Heidelberg QM46 - ink guard cover Heidelberg QM46 - ink guard cover On request
Heidelberg QM46 - roller ink fountain roller ink fountain, XSA-070202-NS On request
Heidelberg QM46 - tension spring tension spring, 22.013.017/01 On request
Heidelberg QM46 forwarding roller - forwarding roller forwarding roller, AL.016.2145/05 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - flanged bearing flanged bearing, 00.530.0716 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - Halogen lamp Halogen lamp, AL.144.1021 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - valve socket valve socket, AL.030.319F/02 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - valve socket valve socket, AL.630.319F/06 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - tension spring tension spring, AL.018.113/01 On request
HEI58 Heidelberg QM46 - sleeve screw Heidelberg QM46 - sleeve screw On request
Heidelberg QM46 - tension spring tension spring, AL.608.016 On request
HEI60 Heidelberg QM46 - sleeve screw Heidelberg QM46 - sleeve screw On request
HEI61 Heidelberg QM46 - grooved pin Heidelberg QM46 - grooved pin On request
Heidelberg QM46 - gasket gasket, AL.608.016 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - filter cartridge filter cartridge, G2.102.1981 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - filter cartridge filter cartridge, G2.102.1961 On request
Heidelberg QM46 - clamping spring clamping spring, AL.017.107S/01 On request
HEI66 Heidelberg QM46 - tapered ring Heidelberg QM46 - tapered ring On request
Heidelberg QM46 - dampening felt dampening felt, AL.205.026 On request
HEI68 Heidelberg QM46 - sleeve shirt Heidelberg QM46 - sleeve shirt On request
Heidelberg QM46 - hexagon screw hexagon screw On request
Heidelberg QM46 - ink fountain cheeks ink fountain cheeks, 22.008.039 On request
HEI75 Heidelberg - regulator air/oil regulator air/oil 75 USD
Heidelberg - delivery electric blow down fans delivery electric blow down fans, MU2A1 50 USD
Heidelberg - specialty switches specialty switches, 83502 Price is for box of switches, 50 total ... 200 USD
Heidelberg - water motor brushes water motor brushes, 540 On request
Heidelberg - specialty switches specialty switches, 83500-30 Qty. 30 100 USD
(AW.HDM-NA/00, R8794)
Heidelberg - electrical contact block, art electrical contact block, art, AW.HDM-NA/00, R8794 125 USD
Heidelberg - electrical push button block electrical push button block, 81.186.3643/01 40 USD
Heidelberg - limit switch limit switch, AT11A-1-1 75 USD
(S3003, HDM71.186.5171, HDM71.186.5172)
Heidelberg - 10 K Potentiometer Contelec 10 K Potentiometer Contelec, S3003, HDM71.186.5171, HDM71.186.5172 100 USD
Heidelberg - limit switch limit switch, BZ2RD-A2 15 USD
HEI89 Heidelberg - limit switch limit switch 50 USD
HEI05 Heidelberg MO Super Blue II - MO super blue II MO super blue II On request
HEI06 Heidelberg MO Box Ink Fountain Liners - ink fountain liners Heidelberg MO Box Ink Fountain Liners - ink fountain liners On request
NE0263 Heidelberg limit switch #AT-11-S-I Heidelberg limit switch #AT-11-S-I On request
HEI91 Heidelberg limit switch #PS1301309929 25 USD
HEI92 Heidelberg buttom #00.780.1317 50 USD
HEI93 Heidelberg material driver #52.580.312 25 USD
HEI94 Heidelberg material socket #52.580.313/01 25 USD
HEI95 Heidelberg side guide for Speedmaster, mechanical Heidelberg side guide for Speedmaster, mechanical 350 USD
((1) HDM 43.112.1311/B (24VDC); (3) HDM71.186.5121 (12VDC); (3, 1 new) HDM.61.144.1101 (24VDC) )
Heidelberg servo motor, faulhaber (1) HDM 43.112.1311/B (24VDC); (3) HDM71.186.5121 (12VDC); (3, 1 new)... 200 USD
(HDM 61.144.1131.24volt )
Heidelberg misc. part HDM 61.144.1131.24volt On request
Heidelberg SM74 Glass Bead Jackets M2.215.105.N/06 450 USD
HEI104 Heidelberg GTO52 water pan Heidelberg GTO52 water pan 150 USD
(G2.110.1461.E, HDM
Heidelberg visolux RL12.1 G2.110.1461.E, HDM We have 4 available at $850 eac... 850 USD
HEI109 Heidelberg MO ink fountain blade Heidelberg MO ink fountain blade On request
HEI111 Heidelberg stop buttons Heidelberg stop buttons On request
Heidelberg solenoid baumgartner 61.184.1091/A On request
(3TH022.0A )
Heidelberg control relay, siemens 3TH022.0A On request
(3TF4322-0AK6, HDM 00.781.3953)
Heidelberg contactor, siemens 3TF4322-0AK6, HDM 00.781.3953 125 USD
Heidelberg control relay, siemens 3TH4040-0AK6 On request
(PKZM0-6, 3)
Heidelberg motor protective switch, Klockner-Moeller, 25 amp PKZM0-6, 3 On request
(PKZM1-25 )
Heidelberg manual motor switch, Klockner-Moeller, 25 amp PKZM1-25 125 USD
(PKZM1-1.6-N A w/SP-PKZM1, HDM 91.144.3141)
Heidelberg manual motor controller PKZM1-1.6-N A w/SP-PKZM1, HDM 91.144.3141 250 USD
Heidelberg roll switch, Klockner-Moeller AT4/11-S/I/AR On request
Heidelberg relay contacts, Klockner-Moeller 04-DIL On request
HEI121 Heidelberg motor control switches, Klockner-Moeller 150 USD
(3.75V, HDM 00.780.3345)
Heidelberg impression meter, gossen 3.75V, HDM 00.780.3345 100 USD
Heidelberg sleeve w/ Keyslot HDM 00.884.0067 45 USD
HEI124 Heidelberg sensor 75 USD
(HDM 92.145.1001)
Heidelberg terminal block, wieland bamberg HDM 92.145.1001 125 USD
(HDM 71.010.199, 71.010.026, etc. )
Heidelberg misc. brass & spacers HDM 71.010.199, 71.010.026, etc. 25 USD
(HDM 00.580.2291)
Heidelberg air solenoid, stainless steel herion HDM 00.580.2291 200 USD
(HDM 71.186.5321)
Heidelberg potentiometer , spectrol, 7 turn HDM 71.186.5321 75 USD
(HDM 81.186.2114)
Heidelberg LED display, HDM HDM 81.186.2114 40 USD
(24VDC, 1.8W)
Heidelberg solenoid valve 24VDC, 1.8W 100 USD
HEI137 Heidelberg hardware, box of Heidelberg branded hardware, bolts, nuts, etc. 100 USD
(1750 RPM)
Komori DC motor-rebuilt; part #1750 RPM 1750 RPM 350 USD
KOM06 Komori DC motor; part #1750 RPM On request
KOM07 Komori DC motor; part # 370/3200 RPM On request
KOM01 Komori Sprint 26 metering roller On request
KOM02 Komori Sprint 26 water form On request
KOM03 Komori Sprint 26 water metering On request
(SGA3802S03 (970918-3))
Komori Sprint 26 perf jacket SGA3802S03 (970918-3) 450 USD
LIGHT01 Light Speed ink jet dryer watt w/ stands Md. LSHII-240-3-16 900 On request
NE00913 Machine Pneumatiche 7/21 IP 44, KW 1.5 rotary pressure pump junked 2 color press On request
MITS01 Mitsubishi parts for 3F style; main drive motor for 3.500 USD
NE00388 OHTA suction/blower 3ph. part #KRS-8 On request
NE00399 Pumps/Blowers Bosch pump vac/blower 300 USD
PB06 Pumps/Blowers Spencer Vortex Blower VBO3OE s/n 4704155 On request
NE00401 Pumps/Blowers FW. Turbine Pump from Komori L640 On request
PB09 Pumps/Blowers Van-Air, air dryer Md. R15 s/n 8515-228 On request
PB10 1996 Pumps/Blowers Becker type 4140 DSK s/n 139120 1.400 USD
PB11 Pumps/Blowers MAN Roland Turbine Blower type - RV 331A3-606 Blower w/ motor s/n A32158120 2.000 USD
PB12 Pumps/Blowers Gast air operated 4am- NRV50C 55 gal drum On request
PB14 Pumps/Blowers gast pump 2567-V108 100 USD
NE00407 Pumps/Blowers gast pump 100 USD
PB16 Pumps/Blowers Cincinnati Fan PB-15-A w/ Baldor Motor fan - s/n 9813605, motor s/n E598 400 USD
rex DR34XN1/K4 Primary 210 Delta, Secondary 400Y/231 KVA-34 from Heidelberg DI On request
NE00850 1998 Rietschle vacuum pump type CLFT 141 DV (02) s/n 1934309 2.000 USD
NE00851 1998 Rietschle vacuum pump type CLFT 101 DV (02) s/n 1903315 2.000 USD
NE01078 1989 Rietschle Md. CL 40 DV vacuum/air pump M/N CL 40 DV S/N 1191756 1989 On request
NE01079 Rietschle vacuum pump M/N SK6-245-201 S/N 1182260 1989 On request
NE00914 Rietschle TR 25 DV Vac/pressure pump from 2-color press (junked) On request
NE00916 1997 Rietschle KLT 25 (03) vacuum/pressure pump Heidelberg saddlestitcher junked machine On request
NE01088 Pump S/N 1194684 M/N SKG-300.2-1 1989 On request
NE00989 Rietschle TR60 DV s/n 851145, test 3/19/18 works good On request
NE01082 Turbine pump M/N skk.38203 (11) S/N 1178380 1989 On request
NE00980 Rietschle CCFT 25 DV s/n 59735 On request
NE00981 Rietschle TR60 DV s/n 726995 On request
NE00984 Ring Compressor similiar to McCain pump, no tags on pump or motor On request
NE00986 Spencer Vortec VB030E-0 s/n 4704166 ring style pump On request
4432 Thermo Scientific Merlin M33 filter/chiller system On request
Trupoint plastic doctor blades (1 box of 10) 1X.040x41.5 On request
NE00891 Ring Compressor VFC 603A-7W turbine pump from McCain saddle stitcher On request
MISC01 Misc. chiller for recirculating tank 200 USD
Wer ED160FMB main drive motor from McCain saddlestitcher On request

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NE00945 Donaldson UC-0140SP portable chiller system Harris M100 web press s/n 48889 On request